Vacay from DC: Ft. Lauderdale Foodie

Earlier this spring, a friend and I took a trip to Ft. Lauderdale. I had never been there and I was over the Miami scene. I just wanted to relax. While renting out our friend’s killer condo, we went to the beach, ate and listened to pop music in our droptop Mustang.

Life was good. So here a few foodie highlights from the trip. The grapes below are random but I saw them on a morning run in someone’s yard and I just HAD to post them.

The second is a fantastic little restaurant that was attached to the Ritz Carlton beachside. Their rustic, yet contemporary feel was a bit out of character for the upscale consumer the Ritz usually serves, however, this down to earth feel was appropriate beach side.

Finally, after getting THE freshest hair-cut, we mosied over to Taco Craft for Taco Tuesday. Let me teeeeelll you that queso was EVERYTHING. The server told me to watch out for its stringy consistency but it was a fundido-awesome.

GW Combats Student Hunger With A Food Pantry

By Sophia Wu

These days, college students face immense pressure to succeed in life. But what happens when they are barely able to fulfill basic needs, such as eating? Food insecurity is a pressing issue in D.C., with many struggling to acquire food or facing other food-related limitations. College students are no exception. According to an October 2016 report by Students Against Hunger, 22% of college students face food insecurity.

George Washington University tackles this issue with their recent opening of the Store, a student-run food pantry that is extensively involved with the D.C. community. The goal of the Store is to provide access to food for hungry students free of charge. Students, families, and alumni donate food, as well as Whole Foods, Bread for the City, and Capital Area Food Bank. The Store is also a part of a crop share on campus that provides produce one time each week.

Lydia Johnson is the Store Logistics Manager and current student studying Human Services and Social Justice at GW. She firmly believes that healthy eating is a core part of the Store’s mission. From her experience working at the Store, Johnson says, “We encourage healthy eating for our students by providing as much fresh produce, breads, meats and healthy food options to choose from. When possible, we stay away from chips, sodas, and other snack items associated with poor eating habits.”

When browsing the Store, it is evident that GW cares about healthiness. There is a fridge full of lettuce heads and other fruits and vegetables stocked to the brim. There are also whole wheat pastas, black beans, and vegetable-based soups. Patrick Lersh, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, enjoys the convenience of the Store. “I’m an athlete, and many of us tend to skip meals, so it’s a good way to supplement,” he says. According to Johnson, the Store receives nearly 2,000 pounds of food or more that lasts around two weeks. “From the feedback we have received from students, a majority of everything we have heard has been very positive. They seem to enjoy the variety of options that we have along with the cleanliness and overall accessibility and free-choice options of the space,” Johnson adds.

The Store, District House B121, 2121 H Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20052, Saturday-Sunday, 6am-12pm and 2pm-2am, 202-994-6555 (Center for Student Engagement),,

Is Technology The Future Of Fast Food? One Restaurant Might Have The Answer

By Sophia Wu

Eatsa, a technologically-driven restaurant conveniently located in Farragut Square’s busy K Street corridor, is not your average lunch spot. There are no cashiers. Your meal is presented in a cubby. There’s an air of mystery surrounding the chefs, who choose to remain unseen. You order from one of the many kiosks that line the wall. There are assistants standing by who offer guidance upon request, but otherwise, you make your meal happen with a tap of a finger. The menu features a variety of different culturally-influenced quinoa bowls and salads. You are also able to build your own bowl. Just because Eatsa is fast food doesn’t mean they want to compromise health and nutrition.

Eatsa, 1627 K Street NW, #400, Washington, D.C., 20006, Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm, (844) 478-4662,,,

Local Food Startup Rethinks Our Approach To Takeout

By Sophia Wu


Behind the scenes at Galley Foods’ headquarters.

Galley Foods is more than just a food delivery service. You won’t find your typical greasy pizza takeout here. Instead, there’s a selection of specialties ranging from butternut squash tacos to vegan crab cakes. They have one goal in mind: healthy eating, but fast and affordable. All of their meals are prepared fresh and locally sourced. They are delivered within 30 minutes and ready for you to heat up at home. Learn more about the inspiration behind Galley Foods, and more, from co-founder Ian Costello.

Galley Foods, 918 F Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20004, Monday-Friday, 9am-8:30pm, (202)-930-3663,,, download their app today

CVS Dining in D.C.

By Vickey Casey

We’ve all been there. We have arrived at work and realized that we have forgotten our lunch. This harrowing discovery is made worse by the knowledge that today, because why not today, the world has imploded and you will have to work through your break.

“Hangriness” is real and you know going too long without putting something in your too empty stomach will be detrimental to the success of your day and that of those around you.

The lines for food trucks are way too long and again, you only have a few minutes. It’s also winter so standing outside is as appealing as making a lunch out of vending machine food. Continue reading

Going Bananas For, Well, Bananas!

By Vickey Casey


Photo credit: Aran Burton

Oh the banana, such a simple fruit that feeds millions around the world every day. The uniquely shaped gem does not  grow in the America but, according to the USDA, it accounts for 50 percent of the fresh fruits imported this year and is the number one most consumed fruit.

While you may not have tons of time to shop for and make elaborate meals, here are a few simple banana dishes you can make with things you probably already have at home.

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3 Happy Hours For Less Than $15

By Vickey Casey

The next time you grab some friends and head out to eat and drink your troubles away at a bar, thank prohibition defiers and bored Navy men for the existence of Happy Hour. Thankfully Washington D.C. has kept these legal so we went out and found three pretty awesome ones for you.

Here are three Happy Hours you can enjoy for $15 or less.

Late night sushi – The Hamilton on 14th st NW

Sushi and seafood haters kindly skip down to the next restaurant.

Sushi lovers, this one’s for you. You may not have heard but if you head to the Hamilton at 11 p.m. you can enjoy delectable rolls of rice, seaweed and the aquatic animal of your choice prepared in various ways and served for half the price.

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4 Must-Have (Free!) Healthy Food Apps

By Sophia Wu

As young professionals, we tend to live busy, fast-paced lives in which it’s hard for us to maintain healthy, affordable eating. We all have our days of lazily ordering GrubHub on a late Wednesday night, but it’s important for us to be more mindful of what we consume despite packed schedules. That’s where food apps come in. Since we’re already on our phones all the time anyway, why don’t we make the most of it?

1. Make My Plate

Make My Plate is an all-in-one app that combines the best of home cooking, grocery shopping, and dining out through customized lists and menus. You are able to personalize a day-to-day meal plan, which includes all 3 meals plus snacks in between, in which the calories, carbs, fat, and protein are all counted. What stands out the most about Make My Plate is the “What you should eat” and “What you should avoid” sections, which is categorized by food type, and educates the user on healthy eating. The “Community” section is a group chat that allows you to ask questions, comment, or make suggestions to a representative from Make My Plate, as well as communicate with other users. The social media aspect really brings together people who share similar goals in wanting to optimize the healthiest meal.

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