Busboys And Poets Delivers Healthier Dining Option To Anacostia

By Christen Hill


When you think of DC restaurant staples, Busboys and Poets is probably up there in your list of trendy, intellectually pleasing places to visit. Beyond the tasty vegan nachos and the southern catfish dinner – complete with collard greens, there is a social activism undertone the restaurant adds to every neighborhood in which it enters.

The popular chain recently broke ground on the 2100 block of Martin Luther King Avenue in Southeast, Washington in October. This enterprise has been welcomed with open arms by the residents of Anacostia in search of healthy food options.

The truth of the matter is that Anacostia is a food desert. It has been canvased by innumerable carry-out and wing spots. A Busboys and Poets would afford residents another quality dining option right in their backyard.

There are only four full-service grocery stores for more than 150,000 people in Wards 7 and 8.  14th street NW has more grocers. Continue reading

Potluxurious: Community Dining Made Easy

By Christen Hill

One thing I can definitely say about saving money on food is that potlucks are probably the best way to go.  Each year, a friend of mine hosts a pie party a few days before Thanksgiving and it’s always a hit. This family-friendly event was cost effective because party-goers could control costs by choosing a dish they wanted to bring.  (I brought the coffee)

At this particular party, there were loads of savory and sweet pies. There were lots of gluten-free pie options as well. No pie was left behind. Here’s a quick rundown of what we had:   Continue reading