3 Essential D.C. Gluten Free Blogs

By Vickey Casey

There’s a blog for everything these days and many of them are awesome. (We’re writing one that you’re reading so duh) They help us sort through the internet’s clutter and find the things we want. Well this is one of those posts, particularly about gluten free eating.

Gluten Free DC by Lauren


For those living a gluten free lifestyle eating out can be a challenge. You can’t just pop into Subway or have a burger whenever you want but Lauren’s snappy reviews can be a helpful guide to gastronomic joy. Oh, all of the reviewed restaurants are in D.C.

Gluten Free Goddess Recipes by Karina Allrich


Cutting out regular bread, pizza, cake, and pasta is not easy. The slow torture of your taste buds adapting to life without this particular carbohydrate is not especially pleasant, but it is worth it. It is also tricky knowing what is and isn’t going to make you ill. Allrich gives a detailed breakdown of what to avoid and how to make your intestines happy.

Life, Gluten Free by Heather


Did you know Play Doh contains gluten? I didn’t, not until I read this blog at least. Of the three this one has the most straight forward facts pages in easy to find places. The recipes are fun and delicious looking. The site is pretty easy to use and even has a crafts page!

So don’t wait too long. Find out what it means to be gluten free or if you even have a gluten allergy. Find somewhere nice to eat or make yourself something delicious at home. Let these blogs be your guide.

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