Is Technology The Future Of Fast Food? One Restaurant Might Have The Answer

By Sophia Wu

Eatsa, a technologically-driven restaurant conveniently located in Farragut Square’s busy K Street corridor, is not your average lunch spot. There are no cashiers. Your meal is presented in a cubby. There’s an air of mystery surrounding the chefs, who choose to remain unseen. You order from one of the many kiosks that line the wall. There are assistants standing by who offer guidance upon request, but otherwise, you make your meal happen with a tap of a finger. The menu features a variety of different culturally-influenced quinoa bowls and salads. You are also able to build your own bowl. Just because Eatsa is fast food doesn’t mean they want to compromise health and nutrition.

Eatsa, 1627 K Street NW, #400, Washington, D.C., 20006, Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm, (844) 478-4662,,,

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