3 Happy Hours For Less Than $15

By Vickey Casey

The next time you grab some friends and head out to eat and drink your troubles away at a bar, thank prohibition defiers and bored Navy men for the existence of Happy Hour. Thankfully Washington D.C. has kept these legal so we went out and found three pretty awesome ones for you.

Here are three Happy Hours you can enjoy for $15 or less.

Late night sushi – The Hamilton on 14th st NW

Sushi and seafood haters kindly skip down to the next restaurant.

Sushi lovers, this one’s for you. You may not have heard but if you head to the Hamilton at 11 p.m. you can enjoy delectable rolls of rice, seaweed and the aquatic animal of your choice prepared in various ways and served for half the price.

Afternoon Balkan delights – Ambar 8th st SE

If you haven’t been to the Baltic region of Europe you are missing out. While you plan your next vacation, have a taste of Serbia at Ambar. Oh, and everything is $4 from 4-7 p.m. during the week. Yea.

Again, we could not send you there without trying a couple of the dishes and drinks. It was a win.   


Laotian food for the soul – Thip Khao 14th st NW

This gastronomic gem lives in Columbia heights and had our souls and bellies very full by the time we left. We even ordered seconds.

Here is an opportunity to sample dishes and spices in from a country you may not know much about. We tried the crispy spicy wings and the fried calamari, which were magically gluten free.



Photo credit: Tom Ipri


Photo credit: Angelina Koh

These are not just fine times to have with friends. The social interactions had outside of the confines of an office helps to foster interpersonal relationships and encourages a flow of ideas, according to Business Insider

*For all those with gluten allergies, all three of these spots have gluten free/sensitive dishes or menu items that can be altered.

*cc License: Tom Ipri

*cc License: Angelina Koh

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